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Director's Speech

Darin Johnson, CEO

Thank you for looking at our various brands! We are proud of each and everyone of them. It really all started with www.arboristsite.com. This site originally was just for fun and keep in an industry that I was getting out of. Pretty soon it became the largest community of tree and chainsaw enthusiasts in the world. In the coming years I worked with my step dad in the storm industry. I sold, I did production, I managed sales teams, and wrote supplements. Every step along the way, I saw inefficiencies. Back in the 2000 there wasn’t a lot of software on the market for the storm industry (fast forward till now, it’s insane!). I wasn’t really looking to sell products, I was more worried about making my company efficient. Just by having a place where sales people could log in and see all their jobs, production team could keep track of orders, and I could keep track of estimates written really helped our business immediately. From there I kept adjusting things to make it run smoother and smoother.

www.xm8consulting.com was born After selling all the construction companies, I ended up writing estimates for companies (2011). I then really saw unorganized contractors were. I could tell the contractor how to make a proper margin but they still wouldn’t follow my lead. It seemed to be too hard to get the correct info.

I then made www.ez-inspect.com so contractors could easily follow along to what I really needed for a photo request. After adding all this, I still felt empty. All I was receiving document wise was an adjuster’s estimate. No diagram? Yup, no diagram. I ended up buying diagrams and getting reimbursed on credit card. I don’t like losing money. I also didn’t like the inefficiencies of other diagrams created. Scrolling all over a document, not separating buildings…all seemed ridiculous to me. So www.aerialdiagrams.com was born. It is now one of the more trusted diagram companies on the market. We spend more money on higher quality images than other companies. I still see pixelated google images on reports till this day from other brands. You can’t be accurate with this. Lastly, I would like to thank you! We couldn’t be as successful without your input. We look forward in making our brands, better and better. It will make you better and better as well.